Bambi S


Hello Ladies, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you both again for helping to make our day, yesterday, so wonderful. You are both very warm, kind people, and my daughter and I both enjoyed meeting you. We found having our auras read fascinating, and I will certainly work on the areas that we discussed during my reading


thank you again

Hi, I really just wanted to say thank you again. You gave me a lot more than what I paid for which I really appreciate. Also a lot of the things you said to me are really going to help me get through this period in my life

Donna K

given me confidence to pursue the healing/intuitive focus of my life

Gloria, I have had a few days to totally understand the deep meaning of your aura reading for me on Saturday. It is profound. By validating what I know about myself, but have not totally believed or embraced, you have given me confidence to pursue the healing/intuitive focus of my life. You have also explained to me that I am in a plateau at this time, and I can accept that, knowing the universal reason behind it. I am still struggling to meet my daily financial needs, but now having a focus, I can do things that will contribute to my long-term goal, while working “in the present”. That too, will come, I believe. I went away from the show elated and excited. I knew that I had met someone who could help me to keep on track. Even in the healing business, we all need that special someone. I thank you. May you be blessed and continue to do your important work

Jerry J

Thank you so very much for last night’s clearing and reading.

Dear Gloria, Thank you so very much for last night's clearing and reading. That 3 hours was probably the most fascinating, interesting and satisfying experience of my life. I am so impressed with your grasp of everything. You really know what you are doing and saying. So many things that you said fit in with what I have been learning about myself lately and what I need to do to manifest the success in all phases of my life that I know I want. Learning how to control my thoughts and not let them control me, the need to set boundaries and mean it, the need to learn how to be consistently generating positive thoughts and not let negative thinking get control….ever. I know if I generate negative thought vibrations and send those out to the universe, the universe will pay me in kind by manifesting exactly what I fear and do not want. I know that but I have not yet mastered how to get "clear and stay clear "of my subconscious thoughts which I know frequently run counter to what my conscious mind is saying I want

Michelle H.

so accurate it actually brought me to tears at one point

Her reading was so accurate it actually brought me to tears at one point. Not sad tears – amazed tears! She was able to tell me about all the things I have been experiencing spiritually and confirmed some things I had thought myself, but was not sure. I wouldn’t want to abuse this gift of information, however will be back within a years time to do it again.

still reeling a bit today

I met Gloria at the ESP Psychic fair at the Village Park last night. I have wanted to see a psychic for a long time, but have almost a fearful respect of “dark” methods of reading. When I arrived I had to walk around first to get a feel, or a comfort level with those that were there and I have to say there were at least 3 I did not “like” after just speaking briefly to them. So I decided to have my portrait done and aura and chakras read. I think I am still reeling a bit today. I felt very comfortable with Gloria and was happy to have my aura read instead of offering my birthday, which sometimes gives everything away.

so fun and interesting

Gloria's life portraits are amazing! She came to my birthday party to do aura photos and mini-readings for my friends and family (including my dogs and cats... Gloria and her assistant, Wendy, were so good with my animals)! It was so fun and interesting, and her guidance from spirit is positive. I highly recommend Gloria for home parties, office parties or just for you to get more in touch with yourself and your spirit guides!


helped me to recognize what my dreams were telling me

"I want to thank you for the workshop you did on dreams. It was awesome, you helped me to recognize what my dreams were telling me, and it also reinforced me to understand what is going on with my life at this moment.It was great fun and I hope you do more workshops."



I had an aura and chakra imaging done a year ago. And it was very accurate in regards to what was Happening in my life at the time. From that year forward, I diligently worked on my spiritual self and did major self-improvement and intense Reiki for an entire year. When I went back to Life Portraits to experience another aura and chakra imaging, it had mirrored my efforts over the year. Proof that all the work I had done on myself was showing up on the etheric level. And even if people don't believe in what this aura imaging can do for them, all I know is that it definitely worked for me and It was so satisfying to see all my hard work pay off. Thanks so much Life Portraits!" --- Janelle