Gloria Bieber,
 sometimes known as Gloria Layne Bieber has been a Spiritual Studies and Holistic Healing Specialist since 2000. Her main objective is to work with clients and advise them to trust in their higher power.

Her Motivation is helping others to change negative thoughts to positive, in order to help them connect to their higher consciousness. She believes in offering spiritual alternative health treatments with a focus on teaching clients the importance of self-healing within the mind, body and soul through the use of spiritually based practices that promote personal life transformations.

Gloria was determined to live her life in a way that was not surrounded by drama and negativity, so she set out on her own quest to gain more self understanding, become more grounded and help herself exist in such a way that promoted positive living. She left a management career that she had been working in for 25 years, to challenge herself without financial security.

She is a Practitioner/Intuitive Reader at Our Angels Centre for Well Being, located in Calgary. She teaches various workshops including Intuition, Dream Interpretation, Vision Board, Reiki, and Meditation. She has been working for Our Angels Centre for Well Being since 2011.

She has worked with several retreats around the Calgary area. She has attended The Women’s Show, Body Soul Spirit Expo, and many other health shows. She is honoured to have attended the 2014 Emmy Awards and the 2015 Oscars in their gifting suites.

Gloria is a member of the National Association of Distinguished Professionals. She has also been featured in Women of Distinction Magazine. She has been interviewed on television and radio several times and has had her written work published in The Rising Women Magazine, relating to her experience in the holistic industry.

Founded by Gloria Bieber, a Spiritual Studies & Holistic Healing Specialist, courses and credentials are as follows:

• Transcendental Mediation through Sylva Mind Control Centre,
• Mediumship through a Spiritist Church
• Mind / Spirit / Body Metaphysical Training,
• Metaphysics Studies through Science of Mind relationships with manifestations in the physical dimension,
• Theoretical and Practical development of 'spiritual languages' to enhance dialogue with Spirit Master / Angels / Guides,
• Study of the philosophies of Dr. Bernadt, Dr. Cruppe, Lazarus (Spirit Guides that present their teachings through a medium) and Edger Cayce (the Sleeping Prophet).
• Tai Chi, Qui Gong, Reiki, Energy Balancing, Clairvoyance & other Psychic Skills,
• Tea Reading,
• Dream Interpretation

“Many times, we do not see the totality of a situation but rather allow our emotions and ego to dictate how and what we are going to do about certain events.”